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The Sword&Scoundrel Summer Course

The Malthouse Theatre, Canterbury.

9th-14th August, 2024.

Non Residential - Food, Course, Exam, & Evening Workshops included!

Standard, Intermediate, Advanced, Workshop available.




Please be aware of the level appropriate to your enrolment (Standard, open to all. Intermediate, requires 3 merits at Standard with 1 sword and 1 unarmed, Advanced, 3 Merits at intermediate, any weapon. The Workshop is available at the level to which you are current). 


For further details please contact us at


On completion of purchase, please contact the above to state whether this is for you or for another (Gift, etc), and we can log the your/the participant's details for the course.

THE SUMMER Course 2024 - Non Residential

  • Weapons taught;

    Standard - Rapier & Dagger, Single Sword, Unarmed

    Intermediate - Sabre, Axe, Unarmed

    Advanced - Rapier & Lantern, Rapier & Cloak, Unarmed (Pool Fight)

    Workshop - Baton/Escrima (Advanced). 1 Day Military Skills & 1 Day Theatre Firearms Workshop


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