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escrima/baton choerography

Services for
Theatre & Film Companies, Productions, & Re-enactment performances

Production companies, for Theatre and Film often require an exciting and entertaining fight, or other action to grip their audience.

That's where we come in.

"Our swords shall play the orators for us" - Christopher Marlowe


The audience sees it, they're gripped by it. They're on the edge of their seat! But the journey and hard work from the performers and creative team in forging great entertainment through action is astonishing, and done well, the audience will never know. Nor should they.

Our services cover everything a production requires in Theatrical violence and Combat, from start, to finish (Be it the curtain call, or "That's a wrap!"). See below for what we can provide for your production.

Escrima/Baton choreography


For stage, film, immersive theatre, or online material, we take "made to measure" approach to a production. Nothing "off the peg" will do.

Choreography has to fit the story completely, matching the character, the style of the production, costume, performer's abilities, motivations, and outcomes. We have a background in traditional techniques, and a very healthy interest in exploring the possibilities and limits to which we can push. From fantasy to realistic fiction, our study of History, Theatre, Hema, and Martial Arts allow us to creatively tell the story you wish to tell. 

We liaise with the director, and all relevant production team members to bring the best and appropriate choreography to production - working with actors of all levels of ability and experience to bring the best performance to stage or screen. This begins with preparation; covering the script, costume, period, and knowledge of the actors. Then on to the choreography, prioritising safety, but pushing the boundaries of a performer's abilities to make the action as compelling and entertaining as possible.

Ideal for Theatre & Film Companies, Theatre & Film Productions, Re-Enactment & Living History groups, & Public (Live or recorded) Performances

Theatrical swords and shields

Theatrical Weapon Hire

If your production requires weaponry, we understand the difficulties in sourcing the correct prop. Sword & Scoundrel has an extensive armoury of safe weaponry, suitable for theatre or film, and can provide the right prop for the right production. Should we not have the particular item, we have a list of trusted suppliers and can purchase on behalf of your production - we also offer a buy back service, as when a production is complete, we appreciate it you won't need to keep the props afterwards, and it needn't clutter your space. From swords and shields, to replica firearms and martial arts weapons, we work through the appropriate channels to ensure a safe prop is available - and we always thoroughly explain and give assurance of the safety precautions and routine procedures for handling and storing them.

Ideal for Theatre & Film Companies, Theatre & Film Productions, & Public (Live or Recorded) Performances

stage combat workshops
theatrical firearms choreography

Workshops for Companies

Run an ensemble Theatre Company, Seasonal Rep Company, or a team of actors or performers who require a refresher or development of their combat? We offer workshops, for any discipline, for anything from a half day to a full week, depending on the company's needs. We tailor this to fit your requirements, so contact us to see how best we can work to your needs.

Ideal for Theatre Companies, Performing Arts Companies, Re-Enactment & Living History groups

Theatrical Firearms

The employment of firearms (imitations, and so on), are a legal minefield for productions of both Theatre & Film. The Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 provides an exemption for theatrical production, but the rules by which they are allowed can be highly detailed and require a great deal of research. As a Theatrical Combat company, we keep up to date with the changing legislation, and have experience in handling firearms. Safety is Key. We provide consultation, supply, and supervision of imitation firearms, from Blank Firers to Rubber imitations, and give assurance of correct and safe practices that ensure peace of mind throughout a production. We can advise on what is appropriate and necessary for a production, for the best results, by the safest means.

Ideal for Theatre & Film Companies, Theatre & Film Productions, & Public (Live or Recorded) Performances

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