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Shield wall


Bespoke combat-ready shields for sale!

Ready to train with your own shield? Want to put your stamp on it, your design, your heraldry?

We have a range of shields ready for commission!


Heater Shields

The Heater shield was used in a variety of forms from the 12th to the 15th Century, by a myriad of different people; from the most noble of Kings, Knights, and Princes, to the hardened infantry. 

Heraldry & designs were the perfect way to identify an individual on the battlefield or in the lists of tournaments. When you place an order with us, you can either choose from a number of designs, or liaise with us to design one to your specifications!


These are our own hand-made, battle-ready Heater Shields; perfect for theatrical shows, re-enactment & Living History, or LARP. Using layers of Ply, shaped with a shield press, and covered with canvas, they are ideally suited to the requirements of performance (Though they can withstand full contact hits, like any shield that will only last so long! We recommend the practice of theatrical combat principles to ensure longevity).

Ideal for Live/Recorded Performances, Training, Display, Historical Re-Enactment & Living History events.

See Some of our shields below...

The Widmann

The Woodruff

The Trigg

The Stockdale-Haley

A Bespoke Design

The Stockdale-Haley is a bespoke heraldic design combining the arms of both the Stockdale and the Haley Family, to produce a shield design fitting the double-barrelled name of the owner. In this instance, the green background of Haley crest has been chosen, along with half of the white cross, shown here as a sinister bend. The Stockdale stars remain on the upper portion of the shield, as does the dexter band with the three downward facing arrowheads. Quite a fetching design and well-fitting!

The Scoundrel

Contact us for your own design

A different design? A different shield?

We are currently developing our other range of shields. If you would like to discuss a different design on a different shield, contact us. Shield types in development include;

- Saxon Round Shields (Large/Wall)

- Viking Round Shields (Small/raiding)

- Norman Kite Shields

- Long Heater Shields

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