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Courses & Workshops

If you aren't able to attend our listed courses or workshops, or are too far away, give us a call; we can bring them to you!

Professional & accessible Theatrical Combat training, for

Drama Schools, Performing Arts Colleges & Venues, Theatres, Historical Societies, and Groups.


Performing Art Schools, Colleges, Theatres, Groups -
Standard Courses

Our core full courses are based in Kent, the Garden of England... and the UK is a big place! If you can't make it over to our courses, and wish you could attend, contact us - we're mobile! If you have an interest in an accredited course and have other folks interested, with a minimum of four week's notice, we can organise a course for you. 

We offer Courses to any and all groups, from Drama Schools to Re-Enactment societies. If you would like to bring Theatrical Combat to your School, College, Organisation, Society, or group of friends, contact us, and we'll make it happen.

Ideal for Drama Schools, Performing Arts Colleges & Schools, Theatres & Performing Arts Venues, Drama Societies, 

Re-Enactment & Living History groups, & Amateur Dramatic groups.


Performing Art Schools, Colleges, Theatres, Groups -

Workshops are designed to provide an introduction, or a detailed look, at different weapons or elements and principles of Theatrical Combat. These can range from short sessions, to a week, depending on the requirements of the organisation. This could be a workshop on Rapier & Dagger, for instance, playing pain and reactions, or falling. Whatever your preference, we can organise a workshop tailored to the needs of your group. These workshops are not examined, and so can progress at a steady, leisurely pace.

Ideal for Current Performers with Stage Combat experience, Schools, Theatres & Performing Arts Venues, Drama Societies, Re-Enactment & Living History groups, & Amateur Dramatic groups.


Schools -
Entry Level Courses

Most people's introduction to Stage Combat happens from College or University training, but we are aware that schools are keen to promote the best of drama to their pupils. That's why we offer the Entry Level course; an introduction to Stage Combat that can be run by either classes or a shorter one day taster, a condensed form of our normal courses. It provides a perfect blend of technique, character, scene work, and performance in a manageable form for the class environment. If your school is interested in adding Stage Combat as an introductory skill for your pupils studying Drama, contact us for further details.

Ideal for Secondary Schools, Youth Performing Arts Clubs.

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