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If play's the thing, let's play!

Got an event and looking for entertainment and performers? Something immersive? Want to get your friends to learn to Buckle their Swashes, or fight like a Jedi?


Excellent! Have a look below...


Public Performances, Events, Dinner events -
Providing Performers

We have a great network of trusted Stage Combat performers, capable of bringing to life swashbuckling adventure and performance for events. Want to liven up a dinner? Want your wedding dance to begin...a little differently? Or do you need a performance of Combat to demonstrate at your event? Our team and performers are ready to play their part, be they ruffians, heroes, rogues & rascals, or whatever your imagination decides! 

Ideal for Public Performances, Dinner/After Dinner Events, Weddings, Historical Re-Enactment & Living History events.


Parties, Stag/Hen dos -

From zero to hero, your group can learn and complete a stunning fight through a fun session of Stage Combat, in whatever style you prefer - Star Wars, Pirates, Western, Gangster, or Gladiator. You name it! We'll begin with an introduction to the principles of Stage Combat, work you in pairs and groups, and put a fight together for a final performance you can enjoy and remember forever!

Ideal for Parties, Stag/Hen dos.


Corporate -
Team Building Events

Stage Combat IS an exercise in Team Building; Cooperation, Communication, Safety, and working toward a common goal. All requiring different skills, specialisms, and roles. If your company or organisation wants to build on their mutual development and Esprit De Corps, let us organise a workshop that will satisfy all those objectives, in a fun and engaging way you may not have tried before!

Ideal for Groups, Community Organisations, Businesses, Team-led Companies.

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