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Sword & Scoundrel

Purveyors of Theatrical Combat! Sword & Scoundrel works predominantly to train professional performers to help them develop the skills required to perform Staged Combat for Theatre & Film This means working in Drama Schools with students to develop their skills alongside their professional developments in acting, voice, and movement. However, as these skills have so many branches and specialisms, we provide external courses and workshops to help the actor and the performer train beyond their first experience. 

Our courses and workshops are open to the public - if you want to learn to perform choreographed fights in different weapon styles, we can provide!

The basis of Stage Combat is to provide theatrical and/or realistic performances to complement an acted performance, so Sword & Scoundrel believes that Stage Combat can only work if it serves as a skill to support acting. Why does an audience care who wins? It comes down to the character. 

With so many styles and motivations, it's important to recognise that Stage Combat as a teaching methodology has evolved over many years, by great Fight Directors and instructors who have worked within the Martial Arts, Fence, and of course, the great mediums of Theatre, from the Music Hall, to modern film. It is important to us that we continue those traditions and maintain those methods, while adding research into the classical text of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), and Oriental Arts - Audiences rightly demand so much more as their exposure to both Hema and Martial Arts has increased. With an understanding of Theatricality, and "Real World" Arts, we appreciate that a fight can be realistic, theatrical, or, ideally, a mix of both.

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Developing performers, teaching students, crafting choreography.

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